What Sets Us Apart

The Dean Orthodontics Philosophy

When you’re our patient, your comfort and smile are our top priorities! Dr. Jared Dean and our orthodontic team believe in caring for each patient the way we’d care for a member of our family: gently and compassionately, with respect for their specific needs.

Here, you’ll never be another number on a chart or mouth in the treatment chair. Instead, we’ll get to know you as a person, and learn about your interests and passions. We’d like to become friends as we assist you in your orthodontic journey.

The day your braces come off and you see your amazing new smile for the first time? We’ll be celebrating with you, our friend, for all you’ve achieved.

Sometimes doctors make the worst patients
Sometimes doctors make the worst patients

Our Office Environment

While we use leading-edge technology and the most advanced materials and treatments to create beautiful smiles, ours is not a cold or impersonal office. Instead, it’s warm and inviting, and filled with laughter. Our team loves trading jokes with our patients and smiles abound within our walls.

We’ve designed our reception area to feel like a welcoming room in someone’s home. We even have a collection of classic video games, including Ms. PacMan, Space Invaders, and Donkey Kong!

Our walls feature photos of our incredible patients. Their stunning smiles serve as inspiration and a reminder of what you’ll achieve.

Throughout the year we hold fun contests for our patients, and offer an ongoing rewards program, in which you can win great prizes. We also host an annual pool party and appreciation day for our patients, and their family and friends.

We want you to enjoy every step of your orthodontic treatment. If there’s ever anything you need, please let us know. We’re here to help!

Our Commitment to Customer Care

Dr. Dean and our team believe it’s essential for you to know you can rely on us to deliver only the highest level of care. We promise always to:

  • Provide ethical, appropriate treatment recommendations
  • Encourage your participation in all aspects of your care
  • Keep you updated on the progress you’re making
  • Answer all your questions directly and honestly
  • Be here for you when you need us
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Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

We invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation for yourself or your child at one of our two locations, in CambridgeCoshocton, and Zanesville, OH. Dr. Dean and our team look forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to a confident, beautiful smile you’ll love to share!

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