About Orthodontics

The value of a smile is never overlooked, but unfortunately many people feel self conscious about their smile. Having a beautiful, straight smile can empower a person, raise their confidence, and improve their life. For this reason, many people seek orthodontic treatment. Correcting misaligned or crooked teeth builds confidence and allows our patients to live happy, healthy lives.

While many of our patients are seeking cosmetic improvements that orthodontics gives, others are looking for relief from discomfort of an intolerable tooth or bite issues that arise from a variety of reasons. Having consistent discomfort from not being able to chew properly are, at best, annoying, and at worst, can cause numerous issues throughout life. Luckily, with orthodontic treatment, these issues can be fixed. 

Whether a patient is looking to correct misaligned teeth to get that beautiful, straight smile, or they’re having unbearable pain and need relief, orthodontics helps a wide range of people of different ages, backgrounds, and issues.

How Orthodontic Treatment Works

In simple terms, orthodontics is the practice of using appliances (including metal or ceramic brackets, as well as clear aligners). A consistent, gentle pressure is applied on the teeth and over time, this pressure helps the bone tissue shift in the mouth. During treatment, the teeth carefully move in a controlled direction and the bone tissue shifts accordingly holding the teeth in place.

Orthodontics has changed a lot over time, and much progress has been made even in the past 20 years. Many older patients, or parents of patients, may find that the tools and techniques that we use today are vastly different than when they were children. For example, advancements in orthodontics have brought about clear aligners, which allow patients to get the benefits of orthodontics with virtually no cosmetic change in their appearance. Treatments are also quicker and more comfortable now than in the past, which is a big plus for any patient.

Duration of Treatment

Typical orthodontic treatments can last between one and three years, with many factors playing a part in the overall length of treatment. These include how severe the case is, the method used to treat the issue, and the age of the patient. Interceptive or early treatment in younger patients also allows for quicker results, as the mouth is more conducive to treatment during this period of life.

The most important factor in terms of treatment time and effectiveness is you! It is important to be diligent and involved in your treatment, and to always listen and adhere to any guidelines given. Both traditional braces and clear aligners must also be cared for as directed in order to assure the treatment goes smoothly! 

To learn more about orthodontics and the treatment we provide, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.